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JTRE selects contractors for the Eurovea extension, including the first Slovak skyscraper

J&T REAL ESTATE (JTRE) continues to move forward with the extension of the EUROVEA complex, a popular mixed-use complex that sits on the Danube waterfront. The foundation work is progressing and the contractor selection process has concluded.

The contractors of the foundation plate and reinforced concrete supporting structures – the skeleton – will gradually take over the construction site in the coming weeks. Contractor VHS-PS, s.r.o. is set to take begin its work onsite on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. The other contractors, consortium EUROVEA 2 consisting of the lead member STRABAG Pozemné a inžinierske staviteľstvo s. r. o. and the company SYTIQ a. s., are set to follow within a few weeks.

The construction of piles forming part of the foundations of the building is currently ongoing at the construction site. The BAUER drilling rigs will drill almost 1,400 piles together with a total length of nearly 22 kilometers.

“The expansion of EUROVEA is moving to the phase where the structure will rapidly ascend from the foundation to soon form into the EUROVEA TOWER, first skyscraper in Slovakia. This process, one that required years of preparation, hard work and constant communication with architects, engineers, urban planners and other professionals, with representatives of the city and city districts, with neighbors and other public, will soon realize its appearance and structure. Our ambition to build a complex city district along the Danube embankment in Bratislava, complementing what EUROVEA visitors enjoy, will come closer to reality,” says JTRE Executive Director, Pavel Pelikán.

Respecting the spreading coronavirus epidemic, work on all JTRE projects continues. Understanding the risk, JTRE took immediate action at the end of February, and implemented stringent sanitary measures throughout all the firms active workplaces and construction sites. Specifically, we introduced measures such as increased disinfection and use of protective equipment, temperature measurement at the entrance to the construction sites, and many others. JTRE employees as well as all contractors work from home or in open areas to abide by the regulations and recommendations of the Central Crisis Staff of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Government. As a responsible developer, we constantly monitor and evaluate each step in detail with all of our partners including our customers and suppliers.

“We are aware of the responsibility for the safety of our employees and partners, the need for our colleagues and external staff to take care of their children while schools are closed, as well as the situation of foreign suppliers in regards to the closing of borders. However, we also understand that many workers would be deprived of a single income because of a pause in development,” explains Pavel Pelikán.

Preparatory work on the land between the first phase of EUROVEA and the Apollo Bridge began a year ago, in mid-March 2019. A construction pit, measuring 300 x 100-meter and a depth of 14-meter was dug. The construction of the EUROVEA project itself began in December 2019, immediately after obtaining a valid building permit.

The project consists of six buildings – extension of the EUROVEA shopping mall, the first Slovak skyscraper EUROVEA TOWER with a height of 168 meters, RIVERSIDE residences, PRIBINOVA X and PRIBINOVA Y office buildings, as well as underground garages. Construction within the EUROVEA CITY district along the Danube includes the extension of the waterfront promenade, the construction of the Pribinova Boulevard and other new public areas, playgrounds and sports facilities.

The sale of apartments commenced last summer. As of today, 65 percent of the 485 residences in both the EUROVEA TOWER skyscraper and the RIVERSIDE waterfront apartment complex have been sold.

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