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CPIPG launches “Safe in the Office” program

CPI Property Group (CPIPG), the largest owner of commercial real estate in the Czech Republic, Berlin and the region of Central and Eastern Europe, has developed and implemented the original program “Safe in the Office”, addressed to tenants in all its office buildings. The goal of the program is to ensure the highest safety standards after tenants make decisions about returning and running work from offices.

The original program “Safe in the Office” was developed by the CPIPG Crisis Team. The team from the very beginning of the situation related to coronavirus not only prepared appropriate rules of conduct in new circumstances and reacted to current issues, but also focused on developing procedures related to the return of tenants to the offices. The result of the work is the own document “Safe in the Office”, which sets out unified rules of behaviour and movement in the CPIPG office buildings in Warsaw.

The main goal was to absolutely ensure the safety of employees in all office buildings by minimizing potential threats. At the entrances, in the elevator halls or exits from underground parking lots, dispensers with disinfecting liquid have been placed. All common areas and infrastructure elements that are often used are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Main receptions were protected with special covers. Employees of individual services have been equipped with masks/visors, disposable gloves and disinfectant liquids. During the remote work period, cleaning and decontamination of ventilation and air conditioning systems were carried out.

“Our objective was to develop such a set of rules, based on issued official Regulations, so that all employees, from the moment they enter, have a sense of the highest safety standards. In our office buildings, rules for moving, using elevators, communication routes and parking lots have been laid down. In the lobby, we organized courier and post office points and defined the rules for visiting office buildings by external guests. We have medical clinics in three locations. We work closely with them to separate patients from employees,” explains Marcin Mędrzycki, the acting Head of Asset Management at CPIPG Polska.

The new organization of life in office buildings is presented and explained to tenants thanks to a prepared information campaign. CPIPG creatively approached the possibility of using its space as information platforms. Wherever possible, information posters, instructions or arrows pointing to the stairs will appear. For example, floors or video walls and screens have also been used.

“Communication with tenants is one of the CPIPG’s priorities. In order to clearly present the rules of safety and the use of office buildings, we have prepared an information campaign in which using simple pictograms we help tenants to operate in a new reality – e.g. the need to keep a 2-meter distance we show a measure with a real distance. We encourage to use the stairs, cheering willing people with funny slogans,” this is how communication activities are commented by Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska, marketing and communication director of CPIPG Polska.

In addition, office workers can find information where the nearest points where masks can be bought and where they can find their own parcel collection points. CPIPG is currently working on the organization of parcel machines at our largest office buildings.

“The role of proper communication cannot be overestimated at the moment. We will therefore regularly inform tenants by email of any changes. We’ve also created a special email address to which every employee of any of our office buildings can send their queries or share their doubts or ideas on how to improve life in a new office reality,” adds Monika Olejnik-Okuniewska, marketing and communication director of CPIPG Polska.

An information campaign in the CPIPG office buildings in Warsaw started on May 18.

Currently, CPIPG owns 13 office buildings in Warsaw with a total area exceeding 305,000 sqm.

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