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Złota 44’s modern technologies offer a new quality of luxury

Wellbeing is an important aspect of life for residents of the world’s most luxurious apartment buildings. A sense of comfort and a holistic approach to the needs of residents have become new standards of luxury, determining the way in which a modern home works with us. Wellbeing at home is a new trend that is slowly gaining popularity, especially when we spend most of our days there. If you have your own business, you should also consider organizing your private space in a way that will allow you to relax and unwind when you need it. However, quality of life and work-life balance are not the only aspects affecting our everyday wellbeing. Often these other aspects cannot be seen with a naked eye.

ZŁOTA 44 is an apartment building offering its residents not only spectacular views, a prestigious location, and unique recreation, business and leisure facilities. It also provides the highest quality solutions that have a real impact on our quality of life.

Clean air in the centre of Warsaw? Złota 44 offers apartments where the air is filtered thanks to a special HVAC system. The system was designed by WSP – a world-renowned company that provides professional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Technologies implemented by WSP guarantee safety and their efficient operation is ensured by 2 air supply units with heat recuperation, i.e. heat recovery, supplying 100 percent of air from the outside.

The system control panels are equipped with special anti-dust filters. Only laboratories and operating rooms in hospitals use more advanced solutions. After the filtration process and pre-treatment, the airflow is distributed through a network of ventilation ducts and shafts to individual apartments. To ensure comfort and clean air in individual rooms, apartments are equipped with disposal variable airflow regulators, fan-coil units, under-window radiators and floor heating.

Residents can be sure that the air from other common spaces will not enter their apartment. Fresh air supply and air extraction after filtration are provided by supply and exhaust ducts installed in every apartment.

The residents, however, are not deprived of outside air! Tilting window panels, remotely controlled from a mobile device or touch panel, can be tilted or closed at any time. The common space of the extremely sunny terrace (400 sqm) with a year-round jacuzzi offers residents a spot to catch their breath.

In addition to excellent air quality, the building has its own water treatment plant. This means that the tap water in each of the 287 apartments is completely safe to drink. Złota 44 is the first building in Poland with a facade with triple glazing, which eliminates noise coming from outside. Again we see that the privacy of your own apartment can be a perfect oasis for rest, even in the centre of Warsaw.

Each apartment is equipped with a modern smart home monitoring system – HMS, thanks to which you can control lighting, heating, air conditioning and window blinds in a simple and intuitive way. Each apartment is connected to the building using the Control4 system. Thanks to it, residents can call an elevator, make video calls with the receptionist, contact service teams or the concierge, or communicate with other residents, as well as guests.

The luxury properties of today not only ensure a timeless design or a perfect location; they also help improve the quality of life. These are residences where safety is the most important part of everyday life.

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