April 26, 2018

Former CMS and Baker McKenzie Partner announces establishing new law firm in Warsaw

Former CMS and Baker McKenzie Partner announces establishing new law firm in Warsaw

Three former members of real estate department of Baker McKenzie Warsaw – Przemysław Kucharski (partner) together with Bartosz Laski and Aleksandra Kaczmarek (lawyers) have announced establishing new law firm: Kucharski & Partners.

According to a statement of the firm’s name partner: "We are delighted to present new legal brand on Polish market. We put at the stake our over 15-years of professional experience gathered in the biggest multinational and domestic law firms. We are excited to provide our growing client base comprehensive and smart services tailor-made to their needs.”

Przemysław Kucharski has over 15-years of experience in advising on various large-scale real estate, corporate and financial transactions – as well as dispute resolutions. Prior to establishing Kucharski & Partners brand he held a partner’s positions in Baker McKenzie and CMS offices in Warsaw.

Partners expressed that: “After spending most of our professional careers in big law firms we would like to make use of our vast experience working in more flexible and efficient environment.”

Kucharski & Partners law firm focuses on providing legal services to the real estate market in its large sense. “Our clients mostly include entities operating in real estate sector (mainly developers, investors/investment funds, tenants of commercial property, insurers of property transactions, financing banks). Our clients do not operate in a legal vacuum – most often, in addition to assistance in real estate transactions, they are interested in comprehensive legal services relating to their operating activities on a day-to-day basis, including corporate, labour, financial and other issues. What we care about most, is to be an efficient, well-integrated, and, above all, successful team of lawyers helping Clients to achieve their business goals and assumptions,” commented Przemysław Kucharski.

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