February 10, 2014

Jones Lang LaSalle marks strong 2013 with top position in Poland's office lease market

Jones Lang LaSalle has summarised office market lease transactions, conducted with its experts’ involvement, on the office market in Poland in 2013.

Anna Młyniec, Head of Office Agency and Tenant Representation, Jones Lang LaSalle, commented: “In 2013, acting on behalf of our clients, we provided advisory services in office lease transactions totalling 206,000 sqm. Analysis based on the data from the Warsaw Research Forum and Regional Forum, confirms that Jones Lang LaSalle had the largest number of transactions conducted on the Polish market with the participation of an advisory firm. This result – for the fourth year in a row – gives us the number one position among firms acting as agents in office space lease transactions. Importantly, clients for whom we provided advisory services, include leading global brands, such as KPMG, ING, IBM, Credit Suisse or Deutsche Bank.”

2013 was a record-breaking year for the Warsaw office market. Gross demand in the analysed period totalled 633,000 sqm, a record for the Warsaw market. New contracts for 451,000 sqm illustrate the increasing importance of the relocation trend, where companies are interested in new, more modern offices that would be even better tailored to their needs.

The most important 2013 Warsaw office market transactions with Jones Lang LaSalle’s involvement were lease agreements signed by, among others, a company from the FMCG sector (over 10,000 sqm), KPMG (up to 10,000 sqm), Play (9,600 sqm), and Avanssur (4,200 sqm).

In the analysed period, gross demand in the largest cities in Poland (excluding Warsaw) totalled 370,000 sqm, 60 percent of which were new contracts. Tenants remained the most active in Kraków, Wrocław and Katowice. During 2013, almost 32 percent of all contracts completed with an agent's participation in the largest office markets (excluding Warsaw) were executed by the Jones Lang LaSalle team, who maintained top position in this area. The company registered excellent results in Kraków (36 percent market share), Katowice (a record 84.5 percent), Wrocław (31 percent) and Łódź (28 percent).

The largest transactions with Jones Lang LaSalle’s involvement were contracts signed by: IBM (8,670 sqm, Katowice), Cisco (7,000 sqm, Kraków), Eurobank (6,100 sqm, Wrocław), ING Services Polska (5,600 sqm, Katowice), Credit Suisse (4,300 sqm, Wrocław), Itella (4,000 sqm, Toruń) and RWE (3,000 sqm, Kraków).

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