October 13, 2014

H&M to open in Galeria Wilanów

H&M to open in Galeria Wilanów

Globe Trade Centre S.A. (GTC) has further filled its newest retail project with anchor tenants. Recently, the company signed a lease agreement with H&M, a global clothing retailer, for 2,600 sqm of retail space in Galeria Wilanów in Warsaw, Poland.

“H&M is yet another key client that has decided to open its shops in one of our flagship projects in Warsaw. The trust that international business leaders place in us is the proof of not only the highest quality of buildings built by GTC, but, even more so, of the quality of locations that we have chosen for both shopping malls. At GTC we are thrilled to welcome H&M as one of the finest additions to Galeria Wilanów,” said Jacek Wachowicz, member of GTC Management Board.

Galeria Wilanów is currently at the final stage of formal and legal activities preceding commencement of construction works. Construction works will initiate as soon as the building permit is issued and will last for around 20-24 months.

Galeria Wilanów will offer its tenants over 61,000 sqm in 250 stores and service points. Designed by APA Wojciechowski and Moshe Tzur architecture studios, the mall will apply unique solutions and guarantee environmental friendliness of the investment, which has been already confirmed by the ecological LEED certificate awarded to the project.

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