October 27, 2014

Sterlinga Business Center receives BREEAM In-Use Excellent rating

Sterlinga Business Center receives BREEAM In-Use Excellent rating

Hines Polska has announced that Sterlinga Business Center office building located at 8A Sterlinga Street in Łódź has received a BREEAM In-Use International Certificate for Building Management and for Asset. The facility received the EXCELLENT grade in both cases.

As a result, SBC has become the first, and the only, office building in Łódź with sustainability certificate issued by BRE Institute with such a high rating.

“SBC obtaining the BREEAM In-Use certificate is a confirmation of standards followed by Hines and its dedication to sustainability of its projects,” said Przemysław Iznerowicz, Project Director Hines Poland.

“Most of the solutions in the field of building management have already been implemented in the SBC, but not in a form of properly written procedures or documents. During the certification process we had to formalize what we were doing since the beginning of the operation of the building. Thanks to our management standards achieving such a high rating was relatively easy,” added Tomasz Sasin, Sustainability Manager, Hines Poland.

Ewa Kowalska-Ocneanu, Chief Sustainability at WSP, responsible for the certification process, said: “Sterlinga Business Center is one of the few buildings in Poland certified in accordance to both BREEAM schemes: New Construction for new buildings and In-Use for existing buildings. Obtaining both certificates for the building demonstrates how crucial the sustainable approach is for a building project - from its design to operation and maintenance. The decisions taken at the design stage, assessed previously during BREEAM New Construction certification process, allowed obtaining such a high rating for the BREEAM In-Use certification. A building’s environmentally responsible and user-friendly solutions will not be fully sustainable, if not properly managed and if innovative solutions will not be used in an appropriate manner. We had a chance to verify this, while certifying Sterlinga Business Center, and double Excellent rating confirms the high standard of environmentally conscious, energy efficient and user-friendly solutions applied in the building and high quality of sustainable management practices.”

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