February 26, 2015

CBRE's experts report on the performance of Shopping Centres in Poland

CBRE's experts report on the performance of Shopping Centres in Poland

How does a typical shopping centre in Poland perform? Which tenant sectors are dominant in schemes? What factors have an influence on the discrepancies in rents? CBRE has published a report “Shopping Centre Index Poland 2015”, which provides answers to questions relating to the performance of a typical shopping centre in Poland. It is the first publication dedicated to the retail sector in Poland.

CBRE’s experts conducted research into 85 shopping centres located in Poland and close to 7,000 lease agreements. Shopping Centre Index Poland 2015 covers of 20 percent of the total Polish regional shopping centre market. According to the report, the average shopping centre in Poland has 28,000 sqm GLA, with average rents at EUR 17.5 sqm/ month. The average annual turnover per sq m in the analyzed shopping centres exceeds EUR 2,010/sqm.

Agata Czarnecka, Associate Director, Research and Consultancy Department at CBRE, commented: “For several years, on the Polish market we have seen retail schemes located in those cites with more than 200,000 inhabitants. Over the past few months this trend has been changing, as developers have focused their building activity in smaller cities in Poland. Rents depend on the sector in which the tenant operates, but are also linked to the size of the city, where the shopping centre is located. Despite the differences in the type of retail space and rents, tenants from the fashion sector dominate the tenants’ structure – representing close to 32 percent of the area of all tenants.”

Beata Kokeli, Senior Director, Retail Department at CBRE, added: “Throughout the world, experts from CBRE analyse retail markets. In my opinion, the Polish publication “Shopping Centre Index Poland 2015” provides interesting and reliable data for all those who are active players in the market. In addition, the publication is of substantive value, underpinned by the fact that it is the result of a synergy of knowledge and experience of experts from different departments of CBRE."

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