February 18, 2015

MODO Fashion House – a new centre for inspiration

MODO Fashion House – a new centre for inspiration

In Autumn 2015, MODO Fashion House will open in Warsaw on 22 Łopuszańska Street. It will be the first of its kind in Poland: a retail centre filled with fashion boutiques.

Leading fashion brands will present their products in 350 boutiques on 16,000 sqm. The new concept is centred around creating a single space for many boutiques, focusing on fulfilling the needs of various customer bases.

MODO Fashion House will offer something which typical shopping centres lack: a huge, varied selection of highest quality clothes and accessories without the large-format chain shops and outlet centres.

MODO Fashion House is set apart from competition thanks to its cutting edge use of commercial retail space, which is completely unique to this investment.

The idea is based on the careful analysis of the needs of tenants and clients alike. Both are looking for something fresh and exceptional, a new quality in the market.

MODO Fashion House is an innovative, efficient way of catering to the needs of different customer groups. Different brands, many of which do not feature at all in traditional shopping centres, will be divided into zones such as Pop Fashion (popular fashion), Brand Fashion (biggest brands), and Art Fashion (designer fashion). These zones will not be isolated, but will coexist, flowing naturally from one into another, with the transition being nevertheless evident to the consumer.

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