June 23, 2015

A developer's and owner's perspective on property management

A developer's and owner's perspective on property management

Anyone who has ever worked client-side in property management for a developer will know how each operational, leasing, technical and marketing decision regarding a property is carefully considered.

"Clients entrusting their newly developed properties and existing investments to an external management company want to have the same level of commitment and results-driven attitude from their outsourced managers as they can impose on their own staff. A management company that can reliably handle complex reporting requirements and equally importantly, interpret and act upon the results with talented and pro-active staff will win favour amongst the most demanding owners and developers,” said Christopher Rasiewicz, Head of Property Management, DTZ.

"The benefits for both client and manager are significant. Larger commercial property funds benefit from much lower 'downtime' of their asset managers, i.e. time spent on correcting mistakes or extracting missing or unclear information in management reports. They also benefit from the implementation of creative value-add solutions. The benefits for the manager are reputation building and repeat business,” continued Rasiewicz.

"The above can only come from an organised management structure where valuable real-life experiences are imparted from senior level down and creativity is encouraged and supported. IT and systems play an important part, too. In today's international management markets, handling data and error-free reporting on large portfolios can only be successfully undertaken with tried and tested systems,” added Rasiewicz.

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