September 19, 2017

CBRE wins tender for managing IMMOFINANZ's building portfolio

CBRE wins tender for managing IMMOFINANZ's building portfolio

CBRE has retained the management of IMMOFINANZ's office portfolio in a listed tender. Namely, this involves Prague Office Park I, Prague Office Park II, Aragonit, BB Centrum Gamma and newly also managing the modern business complex Brno Business Park, which is almost 35,000 sqm, making it the largest project from the whole portfolio of the Austrian real estate company in the Czech Republic. CBRE will now manage a total of 82,500 sqm of IMMOFINANZ office space.

“We’ve announced a tender for managing our office buildings and we are pleased that CBRE has confirmed its position and successfully retained its existing collaboration on 4 office buildings that have been in its management since 2014,” said Tomáš Staƙík, Country Manager Operations at IMMOFINANZ. He also added, “Our previous good experience with CBRE had already convinced us to entrust them with managing our Brno Business Park Brno project, which has recently enjoyed a great deal of interest among tenants, who are mainly attracted to its in-house services, good parking conditions and the variability of the size of the office spaces.”

Zuzana Klabalová, Director, Asset Services Office & Industrial at CBRE, added: “We’re very pleased that we’ve been able to continue cooperating with IMMOFINANZ and have also begun to manage the largest project from their office portfolio, the Brno Business Park. As we have been working on the behalf of IMMOFINANZ for more than three years, we can say that we know their internal processes, strategies and priorities, enabling us to focus in the coming months on improving and optimizing services for individual projects and caring for tenants in particular. We believe we can meet the client’s expectations.”

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