November 30, 2017

Knight Frank focuses on place making and develops property marketing

Knight Frank focuses on place making and develops property marketing

After broadening Property Management services by introducing compliance at the start of the year, Knight Frank now focuses on developing marketing for property owners. Anna Scipio del Campo joined the Property Management team as Marketing Manager, and will concentrate her actions first and foremost on place making.

“For a long time, the Property Management department at Knight Frank has been organizing events, also charity, which increased the recognizability of office properties and made them more attractive to tenants and employees. We believe now is the time to go one step further and, while having in mind the need to maintain a property’s, especially office, attractiveness on a highly competitive market, we place even more focus on marketing actions and grow our team of marketing experts. Anna, who has great first-hand experience in property management and marketing, will design and oversee the implementation of marketing strategies for both properties under our management and those not included our portfolio,” commented Aneta Rogowicz-Gała, Head of Property Management at Knight Frank.

“A property manager has to be much more than merely a host and intermediary between the owner and tenants in everyday work. She must perceive a property in a much wider and long-term context. Our mission is to create unique workplaces according to the principles of work-life balance and being environmentally friendly. We don’t limit our actions just to the property. What is equally important for us is how the building corresponds with the environment around it and even the entire city. That is how see place making,” added Anna Scipio del Campo, Marketing Manager, Property Management, Knight Frank.

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