December 06, 2017

Skanska to launch new Budapest projects

Skanska to launch new Budapest projects

Skanska plans to launch the construction of one new office building per year in Budapest. The construction of Mill Park is currently underway and works on the third phase of Nordic Light are to be launched in January 2018.

Skanska is celebrating its 30th anniversary on the Hungarian market in 2017. During these three decades, the company has developed around 216,000 square meters of commercial space, from which 36,000 square meters are currently under construction. In 2018 a new office project Mill Park will be delivered and construction works on the third phase of the Nordic Light office complex are also expected to start.

During a press event at Skanska’s new Budapest headquarters in Nordic Light, which among others features a biophilic design, an activity based working area, an open meeting area in the heart of the office, a relaxation room and a tennis table, Marcin Łapiński, Managing Director for Hungary and Romania talked about the company’s development plans.

Skanska plans to launch the construction of one new office building per year. The company is currently in discussions to acquire development plots in new Budapest locations, including the CBD and the Buda side of Budapest.

“It is visible that more and more companies are looking for green and innovative office spaces. Our objective with the new projects is to build futureproof offices that create an inspiring, activity-based environment for tenants, with a special focus on humans and what makes them feel well in their office. Digitalization has a very important role nowadays, and we are implementing the building application, starting with our upcoming project Mill Park, providing various functions for tenants, as concierge service, food ordering etc,” Marcin Łapiński added.

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