March 29, 2018

S IMMO AG completes remodelling of Sun Plaza

S IMMO AG completes remodelling of Sun Plaza

After two years of reconstruction works, S IMMO AG completes the upgrade of Sun Plaza shopping center in Bucharest and all reconfigured areas will be opened to the public on March 22nd. As of this date, more new brands are joining the scheme: Intimissimi, Calzedonia, La Femme, Travel Brands, Various Brands, Sizeer, Sofiaman, Meli Melo Deco, Credit Europe Bank and two new restaurants: Toan’s and Marty. With over 20,000 sqm of the shopping center subject to reconfiguration, out of which 11,000 sqm are comprised in a newly constructed area, Sun Plaza remodelling represents, to date, the largest reconfiguration of a shopping center in Bucharest.

Six years after opening its doors in the South of Bucharest, Sun Plaza Shopping Center took on a new challenge: a refurbishment process aimed to further improve the retail mix and shop count. The upgrading process of Sun Plaza started in Q1 2016 and was completed, according to schedule in March 2018.

So far, this is the largest reconfiguration of a shopping center in Bucharest. The remodelling works covered over 20,000 sqm in total, as follows: 11,000 sqm comprised in the new commercial wing, hosting over 40 new stores, plus other 9,000 sqm from the existing retail spaces which were redesigned during the process. The total number of retail units within Sun Plaza thus increased to more than 170.

Over a period of 24 months, the process was divided in phases, in order to ensure the business continuity and to maintain the quality of the shopping experience. The total investment value rose to €30 million.

“We are very happy to announce the completion of Sun Plaza’s upgrade. Our company’s efforts towards improving the general offer and look & feel of Sun Plaza have taken into account current retail trends and customers’ needs. Shopping centers are an increasingly important part of people’s lives. Such a transformation rises the shopping experience within Sun Plaza to the next level, making it attractive for the whole city. Moreover, through this upgrade we are able to sustainably increase the value of the building as well as of our portfolio and safeguard profits for the long-term,” said Friedrich Wachernig, member of S IMMO AG’s Management Board.

“We have proudly designed the remodelling of Sun Plaza shopping center for our client S IMMO AG, one of the largest mall reconfiguration processes in Romania. Almost half of the retail area in the existing center was subject to a comprehensive refurbishment, while the addition of a new building enabled Sun Plaza to be reshaped into a highly efficient building complex – which kept operating throughout. The high qualitative standards of the redesign can be seen in both the new and redesigned retail areas and the incorporation of art. Art doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to a museum or a stage but can also take its place in everyday life in many different ways,” said ATP associate partner in Vienna, architect Heinz Lindner.

Beside the extensive refurbishment and creation of attractive areas for new brands and events, S IMMO AG also invested in high-quality design and art, by co-opting Peter Kogler, an internationally acclaimed Austrian artist and one of the pioneers of the computer-generated art. A glass installation measuring around 700 sqm completely redefines the underground entrance sequence and accompanies the visitor from the metro station to the mall. A light installation freely floating, with a height of about 18 meters and weighing over one ton, is a unique eye-catcher that acts as a connecting element for all levels of the mall.

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