November 09, 2018

Miroslava Misíková become the new head of marketing at CBRE Czech Republic

Miroslava Misíková become the new head of marketing at CBRE Czech Republic

CBRE announced that Miroslava Misíková was chosen as CBRE’s new Head of Marketing. Miroslava Misíková’s last employer was the telecommunications company Vodafone.

Miroslava has taken over the agenda and responsibilities linked to CBRE’s Head of Marketing position from Petra Lávičková, who is currently on maternity leave. The main task of the new Head of Marketing will not only be the raising of CBRE’s brand awareness, but also the creation of an integrated communications strategy.

"In my new position, I would like to focus on creating and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy, which will promote CBRE and enhance the awareness of the services offered by the company," says Miroslav Mišíkova, Miroslava Misíková, Head of Marketing at CBRE.

"When I started looking for candidates to fill the vacant marketing position in our company, I went through the most successful marketing projects in the Czech Republic in recent years and identified the people responsible for creating and implementing them. I loved the bored cat concept of GE Money Bank’s campaign and that is why I approached Mirka, who stood behind this successful project. I am very happy she decided to accept our offer and am very much looking forward to our cooperation and her innovative approach she will adopt when devising and implementing our marketing projects,” says Richard Curran, Managing Director at CBRE.

During her twenty-year career, Miroslava Misíková has worked for advertising agencies MARK/BBDO and Leo Burnett as well as banking institutions like Komerční banka, Citibank or GE Money Bank. She has gained vast experience in the fields of B2B and B2C marketing, brand management, advertising, communication and CSR. One of her biggest achievements is the successful rebranding of GE Money Bank to Moneta Money Bank and the creation of the advertising concept “bored cat," which is being successfully used for six years.
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