December 20, 2018

Knight Frank launches new Strategic Consultancy EMEA

Knight Frank launches new Strategic Consultancy EMEA

The new team’s remit involves comprehensive support of owners and tenants in efficient office space management. Before recommending individual strategies, experts make in-depth studies and analyses applying modern analytical tools.

“As the Polish economy has been developing, the workplace has become an increasingly differentiating factor in the strategy of attracting and retaining staff. We are happy that we can expand our consultancy practice to include the Polish market in order to support our customers with real estate strategies," said Neil McLocklin, Partner at Knight Frank in charge of the Strategic Consultancy EMEA.

“The need for such a team is strictly related to the ever changing labour market. Due to problems with finding, and above all retaining, required specialist staff, companies have also begun to consider employee satisfaction in the process of taking strategic decisions. In recent years, office location, its functionality and comfort, as well as attractive surroundings have grown important to candidates taking up a new job. Work comfort and flexibility, which are increasingly appreciated by the staff, significantly impact their effectiveness and contribute to more efficient operations of the entire organisation, which in turn, has a positive effect on the company’s financial performance,” added Marta Badura, Associate Director at Strategic Consultancy EMEA, co-ordinating the work of the Polish team.

The Strategic Consultancy EMEA team’s motto is “co-creation”, referring to the idea of on-going co-operation with owners or tenants. Composed of international experts experienced in various fields, the team performs in-depth analyses which help them come up with scenarios with the best business rationale.

“We try to provide comprehensive support to tenants whom we have been advising on selecting and customizing their office space to best suit their needs. Thanks to teaming up with the new practice we can offer our clients an even broader range of services to have the selected office or the office where they decide to extend their lease for another term tailored to the needs of the tenant and its staff,” said Karol Grejbus, Head of Tenant Representation at Knight Frank.

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