April 11, 2019

Capital Park provides professional medical assistance in the workplace

Capital Park provides professional medical assistance in the workplace

Capital Park Group has launched the first aid medical service dedicated for the tenants of Eurocentrum and Royal Wilanów office complexes in Warsaw. Office Doctor is the first service of this type on the market. Thanks to its implementation, office employees will have the access to full-day medical care provided by a qualified paramedic and a medical team with a specialized ambulance, equipped with advanced appliances for saving human life and health.

The Office Doctor service is aimed at employers who want to provide their teams with a sense of safety and comfort in the workplace. The monthly subscription fee in the amount of PLN 10,00 provides each employee with the care of a qualified paramedic, who can pre-diagnose a disease, give medicines and issue further medical recommendations. In Eurocentrum and Royal Wilanów office buildings, there are also stand-by medical teams, each consisting of two paramedics and a doctor, speaking both Polish and English, with fully equipped specialized ambulances. The teams have professional equipment that allows for extensive diagnostics and rescue operations, including defibrillation, ultrasound assessment of internal organs or special tests to determine the causes of diseases.

"The paramedic on duty stays in the office building, so unlike an external medical team, he is able to provide assistance immediately, which is of great importance especially in life-threatening situations. The paramedic can make an initial diagnosis, issue medical recommendations, and also give medicines in the case of pain, feeling bad or having fever," explains Piotr LeszczyƄski, MD, the medical director at BEP Medica, responsible for the implementation of the service Office Doctor. "The service has been designed in such a way that we can react quickly and reach the person in need in the shortest possible time. The paramedic knows the building plan very well and has access to all the premises. He also has modern equipment with minimized weight, thanks to which he is able to move quickly and efficiently around the entire office complex," he adds.

The paramedics in Eurocentrum and Royal Wilanów are on duty daily from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, excluding weekends. For an additional fee, each employee covered by the package can make a medical appointment also at home or use private medical transport. The medical service dedicated to office workers is at this moment an innovative project in our country, and after the test phase will be permanently implemented into the offer of offices belonging to Capital Park Group.

"Office work gets more and more demanding these days. We often tend to spend much more time than 8 hours a day in the office, chasing deadlines and striving to maximize our efficiency. And what we need for efficient performance of duties is to feel safe and be healthy. That is why we decided to implement the Office Doctor service in our office buildings, thanks to which the employees feel safe and do not have to waste time in waiting rooms of the clinics, as they have a qualified medical assistance team on the spot," says Kinga Nowakowska, Operational Director and the Management Board Member in Capital Park Group. "We have already launched our own program Office Plus a few years ago, which is based on a simple goal: offering tenants something more than standard office area. That is why we promote sustainable transport, we increase the amount of greenery in the environment of our buildings, we promote sport and physical activity, and we have also implemented a free concierge service for tenants. Professional medical aid at the workplace is another service that we want to offer and it is a perfect addition to our existing program," she adds.

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