April 18, 2019

Resi4Rent with a new visual identity

Resi4Rent with a new visual identity

Poland’s emerging platform Resi4Rent, an owner and operator of long-term rental housing, launches new visual identity covering a logo, brand book, key visual, advertising materials templates, as well as a website.

The logotype is based on a graphic symbol that symbolizes a nest referring to the creation of home - a place where we feel good. The inner outline of the nest creates its shape further underlining the emotional core of the brand. In the middle of the logo, there is an abbreviated name of the R4R brand. The outline of the house was also used as the central theme of visual identification.

"The visual identity of Resi4Rent was created based on a story," says Sławomir Imianowski, CEO at Resi4Rent. "Sometimes, we all get to the point where we are looking for the right place to live. Then it is not enough just to rent a flat - we are looking for a place where we feel at home. And what to do if we can not afford to buy our apartment or do not want to get involved in serious financial obligations? For many, it means the inability to live as they would like. We know such stories, and that’s why we have created Resi4Rent."

"Not only we do we offer nice apartments for rent - but we also provide our clients with a place to live; a place where they will create their home for now. How do we help them? We deliver a comfortable space, we ensure freedom in terms of furnishing, we provide peace, we free them from unnecessary problems and guarantee stable rental conditions and constant support," adds Sławomir Imianowski.

Based on the new identification, the r4r.pl landing page has been designed, where potential clients can find information on ongoing projects.

At the moment, Resi4Rent owns four residential projects under construction consisting of over 1,200 units:

• Resi4Rent Wrocław Rychtalska – 300 apartments

• Resi4Rent Łódź Wodna – 200 apartments

• Resi4Rent Wrocław Kępa Mieszczańska – 270 apartments

• Resi4Rent Warszawa Browary – 450 apartments

The first tenants will be able to move to the building located on Rychtalska street in Wrocław as early as in June this year.

In the coming months, Resi4Rent will start the construction of another 1,700 apartments now being in the advanced stage of obtaining permits, to build at least 5,000 units by 2023. New projects will be located in Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, and Poznań. Ultimately, Resi4Rent will offer between 5,000 to 7,000 flats and thus be Poland's largest institutional platform offering flats for long-term rental.

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