November 13, 2019

Equiniti opens specialist technology centre in Krakow

Equiniti opens specialist technology centre in Krakow

Equiniti, an international technology-led services and payments specialist, announced that it has opened EQ Tek, a new R&D facility for its client-facing applications, in Krakow.

EQ Tek will create an additional 150 roles for high-calibre developers as well as systems and UX experts within Equiniti. The team will be developing best-in-class applications and product delivery systems across all divisions of the business.

Opening the office in Krakow unlocks a huge pool of talent in one of the world’s most exciting cities for tech innovation. The state-of-the-art facility is located in a newly built office building ‘C’ being a part of an office complex Equal Business Park at Wielicka Street built by polish investor and developer Cavatina Holding S.A. The Capital of Malopolska is already home to a number of multi-national organisations, including Salesforce, Cisco and IBM.

This focused operation is expected to transform the services Equiniti is able to offer its entire client-base, digitising the investment and payment products used by more than 30 million citizens worldwide.

The new app-focused facility, adds to Equiniti’s growing technology estate. Since 2016 the Group has opened three offices in the UK and in February this year, a new Digital Hub in India also went operational.

The office will be officially opened by James Hughes, Minister-Counsellor for Economic Affairs (British Embassy), Ms Katarzyna Wysocka, Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department (Krakow), Guy Wakeley, (Group Chief Executive Officer at Equiniti) and Kevin O’Connor (Group Chief Information Officer at Equiniti).

Guy Wakeley, commented: “We are delighted to announce Krakow as the latest strategic location for our world class IT team and our first home in Poland. EQ Tek is a vital component in our mission to create seamless digital experiences for our customers and clients.”

Kevin O’Connor, who is leading on the delivery of the new office, commented: “Krakow is a globally renowned hub of tech talent and it is already clear that we have recruited an incredibly high-level team that will push our products on to the next level. We are delighted that EQ Tek is up and running, and we have made a strong start on developing the top-quality applications that will be of invaluable use for our international clients across our broad suite of services.”

Katarzyna Wysocka commented: “We are glad that yet another multi-national organization has chosen Krakow as the base for their tech development. This clearly shows that the capital of Malopolska Region is a leader in the field of innovation and modern solutions. We owe this new investment to high quality talents and development of competences within and in cooperation with the Krakow scientific and academic centre.”

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